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Монтаж седелочного отвода - Обучающее видео

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ELGEF Plus branch saddle system Topload

GF Piping Systems offers smart solutions for PE piping systems in sizes up to d2000mm for gas and water applications. Getting everything you need from one source means having a comprehensive package of products and services - clearly added value for customers. Fittings, machines and tools as well as valves are supplied just-in-time, enabling customers to install their systems cost-efficiently.

The PE range includes saddles with main pipe dimensions d315 - d2000mm as well as branches in d160, d225, d315 & d500mm. This complete, modular, compatible system is the first among installation systems and consists of fitting, peeling tool, clamping device and tapping tool. The advantages are easy to see: a reliable, simple and cost-efficient saddle installation.

Please note: Our videos do not replace the installation manuals as well as the instruction for use. For installation purposes, please use the respective manuals.

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