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Сварочный аппарат для изготовления отводов и тройников WM 630 CNC

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Butt Fusion

Jointing Butt fusion technology is the safe, reliable and favorable jointing for a wide dimension range.

GF Piping Systems offers mechanical, hydraulic and CNC-guided fusion machines for on site constructions and the workshop. The fusion areas of the pipes and fittings are heated to fusion temperature and joined by means of mechanical pressure, without using additional materials. A homogeneous joint results.

Butt fusion jointing requires adequate technical know-how, which can be acquired in the appropriate training courses. Your GF Piping Systems representative will gladly provide you with information about training possibilities.

The WM 630 CNC Machine from GF Piping Systems is a machine for jointing segmented fittings like bends from d315 - 630 mm for high pressure applications and is able to produce T and Y fittings from d315 - 500 mm, special accessories are required Machine description:
● Fully automated fusion process by the use of state of the art PLC and touch screen
● Highest flexibility in the pipe preparation process
● Data storage and transfer via USB to the PC
● Data management by SUVI® WIN-WELD
● Distortion - free, sturdy machine frame
● Electric and hydraulic components separated in the frame
● The main clamping tools are mounted on supports each of which can be adjusted transversely to the pipe axis
● Each clamping tool can be turned max. 22.5° and assembled with a set of reductions d315 - 560 mm
● Hydraulically opening and closing of the upper clamping tools, manual locking with bolts and nuts
● Precision heating element with electronic temperature control (12000 W)
● High-quality PTFE coating with long service life
● Insertion hydraulically operated
● Powerful planer (1100 W) with optimized cutting geometry for even and chatter-free planing
● Load transfer via robust chain drive
● Insertion hydraulically operated
● During the planing process each slide could be moved separately (single sided planing)

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