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Стыковой сварочный аппарат GF 1600

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The GF 1600 is a butt fusion machine for applications with pressure piping systems on building sites,suitable for jointing PE and PP pipes and fittings in the diameter range 1000 – 1600 mm. It has been designed to ensure quality and reliability of the welding process for water as well as gas applications, even in hard conditions (e.g. mining projects). Dedicated accessories are available to provide proper solutions for the various demands on construction site.

Highly precise and sturdy machine, provided with compact hydraulic unit and electric power box for safe connection of all electric devices. Especially designed to work according to the different national guidelines with low pressure cycles (DVS 2207, ISO 21307, WIS 4-32-08, NBN T 42-010, NEN 7200,...). Fully compatible with welding data logger WR 200 to guide the user through all preparation and fusion steps, ensuring the quality of the butt-fusion jointing.

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