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НОВИНКА! Электросварные аппараты MSA 4.0 и MSA 4.1

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New electrofusion units MSA 4.0 and 4.1 of GF Piping SystemsEngineering at its best: High-quality componentsand materials combined with effective work flow.Gas and water companies as well as installers are becoming more demanding. The MSA 4.0 and MSA 4.1 electrofusion units offer a flexible and open platform which can be upgraded to cope with future challenges.MSA 4.0 and MSA 4.1 are not just electrofusion units: they are a system the trench. These units encompassall the features you can ask to support you in making a fast, safe, high quality and reliable joints.They keep it terrifically simple and flexible.For more information visit our website: http://www.gfps.com/appgate/ecat/common_flow/100005/COM/en/index.htmlImprint: http://www.gfps.com/content/gfps/com/en/service/footer/imprint.htmlDisclaimer: http://www.gfps.com/content/gfps/com/en/service/footer/disclaimer_gfps.html

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